eScan - auto-backup/restore - New unique feature released

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eScan - auto-backup/restore - New unique feature released

Postby Varghese » Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:07 pm

We have now released a very unique feature of auto-backup/restore within eScan.

All AV softwares have two big challenges - (1) How to stop infections from entering a system and (2) If an infection enters a system, how to eradicate the same, without affecting the stability of the system.

Eradication of an infection is easy when it comes to trojans - just delete the infected file, and the system gets to become clean. But, if the infection on the PC is that of a virus which attaches itself to all the files on your PC, it is extremely difficult to clean up the infected files. Sometimes, it may be more feasible to just re-format the system, rather than spending time & efforts to clean up the files.

The auto-backup feature of eScan is something that makes life easy for a normal user or even a Systems Administrator by ensuring that an encrypted backup of most frequently used files, is kept by eScan. If an infection is seen by the SysAdmin, he no longer will need to try to clean the system or format the system - because eScan's auto-backup/restore will put the clean files back (in real-time), and the PC will be up and running in no time.

This feature can be called a smart- extension to the Windows DllCache implemention - where in Windows itself keeps a backup (though not in encrypted format) of few important system files, and tries to restore the same, if deleted, from the primary location.

This is a UNIQUE feature, in the sense that NO OTHER AV software, other than eScan, provides this. The working of auto-backup/restore is completely transparent and also highly optimized - so users will not find any unwanted/additional CPU utilization. Plus it also handles the complexities involved with Windows auto-updates and/or Service pack installs.

Auto-backup/restore is available for all versions of eScan, and is now part of our regular updates. So users need not download a hotfix to avail of this feature.

For more information please use the following link : ... can-FAQ119
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