Some problem at eScan 10 Beta in Windows 2000

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Some problem at eScan 10 Beta in Windows 2000

Postby Sidney » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:46 am

Problem : While using Internet Explorer, eScan Firewall default block it and not showing any alert message. Users can NOT connect to internet.
This problem only happened in Windows 2000 Pro.

Description : If installed eScan 10 Beta in Windows XP, users will get a alert message to ask them "allow" or "deny" the web site access when using Internet Explorer connecting to web.
But in Windows 2000 pro, users won't get any alert message, and the Internet Explorer opened with deny any access to any site. Users have to make a policy to allow port 80 access. But while allowing port 80 access, all sites can be accessed if they using eScan AV 10 Beta.

More information : We found this problem in Windows 2000 Professional MultiLange with Traditional Chinese UI. Windows 2000 had updated the lastest servise packs and hotfixs. eScan version is 10.0.856.263 AV edition.
If you need more information like logs or debug files, please kindly tell us.
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