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BETA Feedback Corp build 10.0.856.236

Postby ccsoftware » Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:07 pm


Couple of things I've noticed with the new program... currently I am evaluating the web filtering portion.

1. Clicking to open the Web Protection Log produces an error. Access violation at address 004D6B86 in module escanpro.exe.

2. There are no words or phrases displayed for the Pornography and Gambling categories and you are not able to add any.

3. The filtering is inaccurate, some examples are:
When set to low and the gambling enabled you are allowed access to
Set to medium sites such as and are being blocked as containing pornography

4. This is a comment that I had regarding the previous version as well... I have many customers complain and question why sites such as,,, etc etc are whitelisted. Where does this list come from?
I would strongly recommend that there shouldn't be any default sites in the Allowed Websites category.

5. When I go in and create and then deploy a ruleset to the clients for web filtering the web filtering option on the server itself is turned off.

That's it for now.



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