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answers to my aid

Postby wabenzi » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:32 pm

1.When MWAV is used in scanning, it detects more threats than the ODS, why is it so? Also, when the ODS is scheduled to a particular time to scan, it sometimes scans with the ODS and other times with the MWAV, why is it so??
2.When searching for clients on the EMC using the “Search clients by IP” it sees most of the clients than when using “Host configuration” why is it so?? Also at the Host Configuration, it sees most of the clients as log in failure or Host not active, meanwhile these PC’s are on and working correctly and also logged in as administrator.
3.Please implement or upgrade the EMC in a way it can send/deploy a message or announcement to client(s) as in a pop up (word or notepad format). Example: “PLS DO NOT SHUTDOWN YOUR PC WHEN GOING HOME, AN UPGRADE,VIRUS UPDATES…etc WILL BE DEPLOYED”
4.Please see to the ODS, I suggest there should be an option, whereby you can enable to shutdown or reboot the PC after scanning and also the ODS console should be closed after scanning.

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Postby Varghese » Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:32 pm

Since no version number of eScan has been mentioned by you, I assume you are using version 9 of eScan.

1) MWAV catches more viruses that ODS because it covers all the scan options in the ODS in a single scan whereas in ODS you to scan different areas seperately.
Also MWAV is run in those places where registry needs to be accessesd and scanned.
Pls Note : In the new version of eScan v.10, you wont have to run MWAV seperately. ODS will suffice.

2) HOST NOT ACTIVE : You get this error either if the host is not reachable, ie if ping is unsuccessful.
LOGIN FAILURE : It is due to incorrect administrator Password.

3) We will try to add such a feature in the upcoming version of eScan V.10.

4) If you are using latest MWAV. It does ask the user if they wish to reboot the machine after scan. But this option is available only if you select All Drives. We will try to add this feature in deployment too.

Thanks for your feedback.
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