wrong information @ Microworld download Pages

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wrong information @ Microworld download Pages

Postby Henning » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:44 pm


I've asked mulitple time for correct download links, release notes and version information on your homepage. Why is it so difficult to keep this clean?

- While downloading eScan v10 corp, you'll get v11
- while downloading eScan v11 Corp release 969, you'll get 998
- release notes of 998 are complete missing again.

It's not possible for us to decide if we need to update or not, if we dont have release information.

If there's a new version, it would be nice to get informed. As long as you dont write any information on your homepage, we dont download these files again and we're installing an old version @ costumers, even if there's a newer version.
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