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Postby Gurdip Singh » Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:14 pm

Hello All

We will officially start the launch of eScan 11 from Sept 10th, 2010.

You can download and check the ISS & AV products from the links given below. SMB and Enterprise editions will be available in few weeks.

As you can see, eScan 11 builds will be available in either EXE (Install/Setup file) or ISO Image format. ISO Image formats can be used to burn CD/DVD and contains :

(1) Recovery (Win PE Bootable) Disk
(2) Installation Executable via Autorun
(3) eScan Toolkit (MWAV) via Autorun

The following languages will be supported by the ISO Image:
Russian, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Korean, Polish & Turkish, will be available in due course of time.

eScan ISS Setup ... n2k3ek.exe
File Version: 11.0.1139.797
File Size : 140,661,728 Bytes
MD5-Hash : bcf5978c31b5fef0c8d7b328ff3f2657

eScan AV Setup ... n2k3ek.exe
File Version: 11.0.1139.797
File Size : 140,703,432
MD5-Hash : 0faa5e24cdc5a3d98f16283f9c213c96

eScan ISS ISO ... n2k3ek.iso
File Size : 582,418,432 Bytes
MD5-Hash : 8e48e2c25323ea6fce8dc49a984de724

eScan AV ISO ... n2k3ek.iso
File Size : 582,459,392 Bytes
MD5-Hash : ede3abf8c611eb48c32d56821f259c42

Documentation (English) for eScan 11:

User Guides (English) for eScan 11:

If you have any queries, please write to
Gurdip Singh
Gurdip Singh
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info about new features

Postby cmora » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:03 pm


do you have published the info about the new features or differences with the 10 version SMB?

thanks in advance.
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Postby Gurdip Singh » Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:47 pm

Below are some features list added to v11:-

1> Self Protection of files, folder, registry and services
2> Blocking of executables on USB drive
3> Blocking of executables from Network
4> Blocking of Autorun.inf on USB and fixed drive
5> User defined file block list added.
6> User defined folder protection added.
7> Disinfection of html, htm, aspx file infected with script/iframe added to monitor.
8> Auto backup/restore will only be available for system32 folder in stand alone version
9> Windows critical patches (recommended by eScan) if not present, will download and install automatically
10> Stand alone version can be used for updating virus signature in a network.
11> User Based parental control feature introduce
12> New Virtual keyboard introduce in escan.
13> Web Phishing filter feature added to GUI
14> eScanmon will popup a balloon saying eScan is on trial, and give a link to buy eScan.
15> Protected by eScan logo will now be shown on Vista, Windows 7 and 64-bit OS
16> New GUI with Dock animation introduce, dock animation will be disable in systems having memory 256MB or less.
17> Gaming Mode can be set using trayicon, If gaming Mode is enable tool tip on trayicon will show [GM].
18> Offline scanning will now exclude files, folders and drives which are set in eScan.
19> Network traffic graph will be display under firewall.
20> eflash will be display after installation. (Only when Flash player is installed)
21> Welcome message will be displayed after installation.
22> Firewall will block outgoing packets on port 25, only those application present in include.dat will not be block and other application will give alert
Gurdip Singh
Gurdip Singh
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