MWAV[11.0.34DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

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MWAV[11.0.34DB], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

Postby Varghese » Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:32 pm

Hello All,

MWAV/Espatch/Esupdate has been uploaded.

Changes in MWAV [11.0.34DB] :

1) Intermittent eScan Scanner.dmp error due to error while scanning Unicode characters in file name has been corrected with latest mwavscan.
2) MWAV[11.0.34DB] will now update DB versions of eScan and Mailscan.

Changes in Espatch/Esupdate [] are :

1) Changes related to monitor disabling has been solved.
2) Changes related to system slow down/hanging has been solved. (Changes corresponds to v.10)
3) In Version 10 under Firewall Settings Trojan rule will be removed. ( if required can be enabled manually)
4) System Information option added to Right Click Menu of eScan Protection Center.
5) Compatibility of License KEYS with version 9 and 10 added.

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