eScan 9.0.824.205 Released

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eScan 9.0.824.205 Released

Postby Gurdip Singh » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:18 pm

eScan 9.0.824.205 has been release, below are the Release notes of the same:-

1) New Filter Driver versions.

2) Monitor Settings deployment option enabled in eScan Management Console.

3) Multiple Policy (Rules-Set) can be deployed at the same time.

4) DONT have to right-click on eScan & enable eMail/webpage Scanning, in order to do web-page filtering.

5) SURBLDB.SUD : This will be dynamically generated when phrases is updated.

6) Minor Bug in Weg-page filtering Corrected.

7) Minor Bug in Mailscan.exe Corrected.

8)Minor Bug in spooler.exe Corrected.

9) Installing/Unistalling of Other software's option added in eScan Management Console Lite. (espatch1/MWAV/Esupdate now can be deployed through eScan Management Console Lite)

10)Password for Content Administrator will be asked during installation.

11)Windows 2008 Compatible.
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