Latest MWAV [9.9.2], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

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Latest MWAV [9.9.2], Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

Postby Varghese » Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:39 pm

Changes in MWAV[9.9.2] :

1) Few viruses deletes certain entries related to safe boot in registry, which in turn makes the system fail to boot in Safe Mode. MWAV on extraction restores these values back to default. Entries of same will be mentioned in MWAV.log

2) Another infection leaves a text 'VIRUS ALERT' next to the system date. Also the product ID of the O.S was changed. MWAV restores these values back to default.

Changes in Espatch/Esupdate[] are :

1) Latest License.exe added. With this, on the client side, the standard key and the number of registered users wont be displayed in the License window.
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