Latest MWAV 9.8.9, Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

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Latest MWAV 9.8.9, Espatch/Esupdate[] uploaded

Postby Varghese » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:45 pm

Changes in Espatch/Esupdate[] :

1) In win.ini, under escan section, servicepack=entry never gets updated after running espatch. This has been corrected now.

2) There was a problem while importing registry using regedit64.exe in 64bit machines. This has been corrected now.

3) "License key has expired" error used to appear in browser if econceal is installed along with escan. Corrected in latest contfilt.dll.

4) If econceal and parental control are installed Espatch never used to detect webscan. Corrected.

5) Earlier there was problem in deploying multiple Rule sets. This has been corrected with latest trayicoc.exe.

6) Excel.exe added to MWTSP.dll.

Changes in MWAV[9.8.9] :

1) On 64 bit vista few entries under program files were wrongly getting detected as invalid entry. Corrected.

2) Exclusion of files added in MWAV. (Registy entries needed to be changed for this : HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\EUT\ExcluedFiles. Not available in GUI)
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