Latest MWAV, Espatch1/Esupdate, WGWIN uploaded

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Latest MWAV, Espatch1/Esupdate, WGWIN uploaded

Postby Varghese » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:40 pm

Hello All,

Latest MWAV, WGWIN, Espatch1.exe and Esupdate.exe uploaded.

Following are the changes in Espatch1.exe

1) Latest mwtsp64.dll, mwnsp64.dll added.

2) Version no. of files will be written in LOG while copying.

3) If any of the files needs to be replaced after reboot, log will mention the same at the end of log file.

Changes in MWAV 9.7.9

1) New command line option /EXPLORER added. Many default explorer values will *NOT* be put back unless you give /EXPLORER option.

2) If any file is found locked for scanning, it will be considered suspicious and be forcibly renamed.

Changes in WGWIN

1) Slight changes in GUI.
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