eScan Ver. 11 (Queries)

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eScan Ver. 11 (Queries)

Postby wabenzi » Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:27 pm

Concerning the ver.11
1. I want to know if eScan ver11 Corp/SMb is compatible with IE7 and 8. On some servers, the web console is very slow with IE7/8, you have run IE6 before it works better.
2. Sometimes the web console shows "service not running" and nothing will respond. why?
3. Also with the web console, when a policy is deployed,the workstation does not take effect of the policy immediately, it takes a day or two before... why?
4. On some Servers, when you create sub groups under the managed group, the worksations revert back to the managed group and the new group you created a day before will be empty.why?
5. In the ver. 10, an administrator can right-click on a workstation and update a client or enable/disable the eScan monitor... but with the ver.11 there's nothing like update client(s), enable/disable monitor or deploy license and so on, why?
6. Concerning the ver 11, how do you delete a policy or revert a policy?
7. License and non-license clients, how do you move a client/workstation from a non-license group to the license group at the manage license??
8. The vers. 11 easily hangs or freeze, you have to goto the eScan folder at program files and double-click on "instscan.exe" to restart the eScan service before you can use. why is it so??
9. Concerning the web protection, can a particular website be blocked/defined not to be accessed within some hours and after the site can be accessed??
10. how do you integrate the DC into the service.

Please note that, mostly when i encountered this problems, i connect to the online live support doesnt help, they dont seems to have a solution to all this problems.
Please come to my aid because my clients are complaining alot.

Thank you.
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